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Artificial Sinew

Artificial sinew is a very useful fiber for crafting. It is extremely strong and is available in a good range of colors. It is typically used for making dream catchers. Also very popular with gourd crafters, it is perfect for wrapping pine needle rims. If desired, it can be split and used as a very fine thread.

Genuine sinew comes from the ligaments and tendons of an animal’s body. Traditionally, deer, elk, moose, and buffalo were used for sinew. It is extremely strong and is an ideal natural material for thread and bowstrings. Preparation for use is a tedious and time consuming process. There are few practioners of the skill today, due to the amount of time and the skills required for its use.

Today, artificial sinew is used by almost all crafters and artisans; inexpensive, plentiful, very easy to use, and available in a variety of colors. It is a unique and highly versatile material.

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