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Waxed Irish Linen

Irish Linen Thread is a natural material, spun from the fibers of the flax plant. Like hemp, linen is an exceptionally strong fiber. Quick growing (100 days from germination to maturity) flax is planted in the spring, produces small, beautiful, violet-blue flowers in early summer, and is harvested in late summer. The plant is pulled from the ground, not cut, preserving the full length of the valuable fibers. (Lesser grades, so far as the production of high quality linen is concerned, have pink or white flowers.) ‘Rippling’ recovers the flax seed which is used for making linseed oil or cattle cakes (flax cakes). ‘Retting’ is a process of controlled rotting, which begins the process of further separating the flax plant. ‘Scutching’ separates the woody material, which is used for making chipboard or cardboard. ‘Hackling’ further separates the flax fibers which are graded as ‘long line’ or ‘short tow’, which are then spun into thread by wet or dry spinning processes. Every part of the flax plant is useful, and production requires far less use of fertilizers and pesticides than cotton.

‘Long line’, ‘wet spun’ flax fibers produce the very highest quality Irish Linen. Ireland has long been the home of the most advanced and very best spinners – the term ‘Irish Linen’ synonymous with ‘highest quality’.

The best quality flax for spinning linen thread comes from France, Belgium, and western Europe, and is spun into threads of varying sizes and plys in Ireland. Very little linen thread is actually spun in Ireland anymore, and it is now primarily imported from China and Eastern Europe. Turtle Feathers carries ten colors of genuine Irish Linen, spun in Ireland from the best European flax sources. Crafters love the look and feel of this product, selecting it for a wide variety of applications.

Specifications: .6mm (#4), 4 ply, Waxed Irish Linen. 1 ounce spools. (Approximately 70 yards per spool.) (#7), 7 ply, Waxed Irish Linen. 1 ounce spools. (Approximately 40 yards per spool.)

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