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38700 Proxxon Foot Pedal


Proxxon Footswitch FS On/Off

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Though its use is optional, the Foot Switch FS is highly recommended for use with the STS 12/E and SS 115/E saws. The Foot Switch acts as a remote ‘on/off’ switch. Due to inconveniently located on/off switches, the addition makes the saws much easier to manage, and its use is strongly preferred by most users.

When used with the STS 12/E, the Foot Switch plugs into the power outlet, the transformer into the Foot Switch, and the saw into the transformer. When used with the SS 115/E, one end plugs into the power outlet, and the other end plugs directly into the saw. Connecting cord: 57″. Output cord: 19 1/2″. The switch is not needed if using the MicroLux jigsaws.


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