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Angelus Paint Duller


Duller is used to remove the natural sheen of Angelus Acrylic paint to give it a ‘dull/flat’ appearance.

Can be mixed with Acrylic Finisher to achieve a ‘dull/flat’ finish as well.
**Add 1.5ml – 4.5ml to 1oz of paint to achieve desired outcome.**



The Duller is available in 1 ounce, 4 ounce, pints, quarts and gallons and comes with an eye dropper for precise mixing. The standard mixing ratio is 1 1/2ml of duller to a 1 ounce bottle of paint. The mixing ratio of the duller can be customized to the artisan’s specific requirements. Well respected shoe painters recommend as much as 4.5 ml of duller per 1 ounce of paint. By making this product available separately, and not incorporating it directly into our Leather Paint, every artist can create a unique custom look. Additional eye droppers are also available separately.


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