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MicroLux (Gourd) Cross Saw



Proxxon Transformers WILL work with MicroLux tools.

MicroLux Cross Saw, Round Foot
– MicroLux 90 Day Warranty –
The plug is a tight fit, line up the prongs correctly, wiggle and push. Unplug using the plug, do not pull on cord.

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This is another outstanding palm-size power tool. The small rounded shoe allows maximum maneuverability on irregular and bumpy surfaces. The cutting line is always fully visible for increased accuracy. A strip of 10 coarse blades is included.

3 1/2″ long – 9.2 ounces – Variable speed with Proxxon 5 amp transformer 1,800 to 6,900 rpm. Maximum cutting thickness is 9/32″ inch.

This saw is also an excellent choice for very fine detail work. For heavier duty, general purpose cutting, the Proxxon jigsaw is our top recommendation.

For very heavy use we always recommend the Proxxon NG/5E 5 amp transformer for the MicroLux miniature jigsaws. It provides plenty of power for getting the full capability out of the saw and HAS speed control. The 2 amp transformer is perfectly fine for lighter use but no speed control.

90 day warranty from manufacturer.


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