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Proxxon Transformers

NG 2/S - 2 amp - #38706
(U.S. 110/120)
NG 5/E - 5 amp - #38704
(U.S. 110/120)

NG 2/S - 2 amp - #28707
NG 5/E - 5 amp - #28704

Click for large view - 5 amp

Click for large view - 2 amp

We carry the heavy duty NG 5/E transformer (with speed control), as well as the NG 2/S transformer. The more powerful 5 amp outsells the 2 amp by a wide margin, but the 2 amp is perfectly serviceable, and will yield good results. Like most things, if these are tools that one expects to use very often, the extra power will be appreciated. Both transformers are constructed with a Noryl casing, a particularly heat resistant plastic product. 6' power cords.

Note: The MicroLux gourd saws, and the JW mini jigsaw do not have speed control, thus, for best performance, they are best matched with the 5 amp transformer. Of course, speed control is built right into the Proxxon saw.

The 5 amp transformer has speed control, three standard (3 prong) slots for tools, one set of standard 5/32" (4mm) banana sockets (One positive, and one negative.), tool rest, slots for bit storage, 6' power cord, and an owners' manual.

The 2 amp transformer has one standard (3 prong) slots for a tool, tool rest, slots for bit storage, 6' power cord, and an owners' manual. The 2 amp transformer does not have an on/off switch, and must be unplugged after each use.

For our international customers who need 220/240 compatible equipment, we also stock both transformers specifically for 220/240 power supply; an international standard. Both of the 220/240 transformers feature speed control. All of the Proxxon tools requiring a transformer can be used with these transformers.

Price: $58.50 - NG 5/E, 5 amp, U.S. 110/120, #38704

Price: $21.80 - NG 2/S, 2 amp, U.S. 110/120, #38706

Price: $68.50 - NG 5/E, 5 amp, 220/240, #28704

Price: $37.95 - NG 2/E, 2 amp, 220/240, #28707

Transformer Options:

Foot Switch FS, #38700
(U.S. 110/120) Foot Switch FS, #28700

Foot Switch.
Click for large view.

Though its use is optional, the Foot Switch FS is highly recommended for use with the STS 12/E and SS 115/E saws. The Foot Switch acts as a remote 'on/off' switch. Due to inconveniently located on/off switches, the addition makes the saws much easier to manage, and its use is strongly preferred by most users.

When used with the STS 12/E, the Foot Switch plugs into the power outlet, the transformer into the Foot Switch, and the saw into the transformer. When used with the SS 115/E, one end plugs into the power outlet, and the other end plugs directly into the saw. Connecting cord: 57". Output cord: 19 1/2". The switch is not needed if using the MicroLux jigsaws. Also available for international customers with 220/240 power requirements.

Price: $24.70 - Foot Switch FS, #38700, (U.S. 110/120)

Price: $29.70 - Foot Switch FS, #28700, (220/240)

Optional Tools:

Proxxon Pen Sander PS 12, #28594

Pen Sander.

This is a superfine sander with linear sanding motion operates at 8,000 strokes per minute with a 3/32" stroke. It provides extra fine finishing of wooden, plastic or metal surfaces.

Included are four sanding attachments with straight shanks and four with angled shanks -- four different shapes per shank style -- as well as three sheets of pre-profiled self-adhesive sanding pads. The sheets are 180, 240 and 400 grit with 5 of each shape per sheet. Requires AC Transformer

This Pen Sander requires the use of a transformer.

Price: $39.80 - Pen Sander PS 12, #28594

Extra Sandpaper - Price: $5.30 each

Sandpaper 180, #28822

Sandpaper 240, #28824

Sandpaper 400, #28826