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Angelus Paints, Dyes & Other Customize/Restore Products

Brilliant in color and are ideal for sneakers, belts, purses, jackets, and similar projects. Properly applied, will not peel, crack, or rub-off. The highest quality brand available, and recommended by the most respected custom shoe painters in the country. Water based acrylics, which allows for easy clean up. They can be custom mixed to achieve countless color combinations. They can also be lightened, shade by shade, using the “Neutral” color. Airbrush artists can thin the product with a bit of the 2-Thin to help achieve optimum flow.

We strongly recommend preparing the project with Preparer-Deglazer. (The Preparer-Deglazer should never be used on vinyl or rubber.)

We recommend protecting the finish with Acrylic Finisher, available in Matte, Satin, Gloss, or High Gloss.

Are you looking for a way to paint your leather soles? Try Walk on Red or Walk on Black.

Please be advised that the colors on the chart below may differ from the actual colors because of the variability of graphics adapter and monitor settings. Also the colors may vary slightly due to the medium to which they are applied.

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