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InLace is an inlay material that adds color, and a new sense of excitement, to gourdcraft, carvings, or any woodworking project. Incredible decorative effects can be obtained by filling carved or recessed areas with InLace.

Select the color of your choice, add a few drops of catalyst, and mix into a paste-like consistency. It sets up in 10 to 15 minutes, and cures, ready to be sanded and finished, in only 24 hours. It is easily finished with standard wood finishing techniques and materials. InLace does not absorb moisture, shrink, or expand.

Be sure to check out the numerous additives, used to customize both color and texture, which can be used in any combination to obtain virtually any effect. We have Granules, Nuggets, Stone Flakes, Metallic Dusts. Also in stock are the full line of dye additives; Metallics, Pearlescents, and Solid/Opaque.

Kits are also available in “Clear”, so that you may completely customize the color and texture of the finished product.

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