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InLace Instructions

InLace Instructions



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InLace Inlay Material

The InLace brand of inlay products includes not only InLace Kits, but also a
comprehensive range of additives. The available additives are Granules, Nuggets,
Metallic Dusts, Stone Flakes, Pearlescent Dyes, and Solid Color Dyes. InLace Buffing
Compound, InLace Polishing Compound and InLace Thicken-It are also available.
Use the liquid InLace Dyes to change the color of InLace. InLace Nuggets are irregular
pieces in solid colors, and have the effect of adding rare stone to the work. Nuggets
will sand and finish just like InLace.
InLace Metallic Dusts make InLace look as though it has been shot with colored
diamond dust. Adding Metallic Dust and Dye to Clear InLace will add a new dimension
to Christmas ornaments. They are great for adding a little color to any InLace mix. Try
about a 50% – 50% mix of resin to granules or nuggets, or resin to metallic dust.

1. Keep InLace materials in an area that is out of the sun and less than 72 degrees. The cooler the better.
2. Work in a well ventilated area.
3. Wear eye protection at all times.
4. Wear a dust mask when sanding.
5. Mix in glass or paper containers.
6. Keep the lip of the resin can clean, and close container securely.
7. Resin shelf life is one year.

Carefully open the can so as not to damage the rim. Thoroughly stir the contents of the can. Make sure the material you are inlaying is dry and oil free. Add 25 to 30 drops of hardener to 1 ounce of colored InLace, or 20 to 25 drops to 1 ounce of Clear InLace. Adding a little less hardener will be just fine, but adding an excessive amount will prevent the InLace from hardening at all. There is a 12 to 15 minute window to add InLace to your project. It will be hard enough to work within 12 hours.

Tips to Turning InLace
Anyone who has ever used wood filler or auto body filler can mix and use InLace. Be sure that you are using dry wood (6% – 8%). Too much moisture can cause the
wood to shrink away from the material. Undercutting and/or grain sealing may be necessary prior to using InLace in oily woods such as cocobolo.
Make sure to leave the turning a little oversized in order to allow a finishing pass after
the InLace is dry. If the InLace seems too thin, it may be necessary to add a pinch of Thicken-It. If the material seems too thick, add acetone to bring it back to the desired viscosity. Once the hardener is added, InLace must be used immediately. There will be no time for further adjustment. Wearing a respirator, mix 2 ounces of InLace with 50 to 60 drops of hardener in a paper cup using a tongue depressor. The small white cup included with the kit is 1 ounce. Use it to measure out the amount needed, and mix together in the larger cup. If mixing only 1 ounce of InLace, then use only 25 to 30 drops of hardener. Always divide the amount of hardener by the amount of InLace being used.
With the turning still on the lathe, dab the material into the grooves while turning the
object by hand. Don’t worry about being too neat, but take care to avoid air bubbles.
Allow at least 12 hours before turning the InLace down. It will continue to feel a little
sticky after it is hard. An entire vessel can be turned out of InLace by allowing the
InLace to harden in a paper cup. Mount the cup to the lathe, turn the paper off, and
shape. It is strongly recommended to use a vacuum at the lathe at all times, but
especially while turning down InLace. Finish as you normally would.
Two ounces of InLace will finish out as 15 feet of 1/8. X 1/8. of inlay. Do not mix more
than you need! The 8 ounce kits come with a half full bottle of hardener, the 16 ounce
Clear Kit comes with a full bottle. This is enough for the entire contents of the can. We
do carry full bottles separately. Clean up with acetone and do not smoke around the

A Word About Clear InLace
Clear InLace will appear to yellow when the hardener is added, but don’t worry, it will
harden clear. Using Thicken-It will cause it to become cloudy and not harden clear. Clear InLace, without any additives, will shrink a bit. The less hardener that is used, the less the shrinkage will be, but the longer it will take to harden.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
The hardener is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. If an excessive amount of hardener is
added to InLace, excessive heat will develop, which could cause an ignition
(spontaneous combustion), and possible injury or fire. An example of too much
hardener would be 160 drops per 2 ounces instead of the proper 50 to 60 drops per 2
ounces. Keep this material away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and flames. Do not
add hot material of any kind. Never add peroxide.
Contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. In case of eye contact, immediately flush
with plenty of clear water and contact a doctor. In case of skin contact, wash with soap
and water. If swallowed, contact a doctor immediately.